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Word Processing Level 2

Duration: 6 Hours (two half days)
Pre-requisites: Word Processing Level 1
Suitable for: Those who have completed the Word Processing Level 1 course and wish to develop their word processing skills further.
About the course: This course covers the Word skills needed to produce professional looking documents that communicate clearly and accurately. This course allows the attendees hands on practical experience with the help and guidance of a learning support officer or trainer.
Objectives: On completion of the course, students will be able to:
  • Link information within Word
  • Insert a spreadsheet into a Word document
  • Sort tables and columns of data
  • Insert special characters and symbols
  • Perform a mail-merge
  • Add columns to whole document and parts of a page
  • Applying styles to text
  • Work with headers and footers
  • Insert page and section breaks
  • Modify tables
  • Select, edit and use appropriate templates
  • Inserting word art and using the drawing toolbar
Download a manual
Course Manual in Word format
Course Manual in pdf format